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is the Mental Health Summit?

The Mental Health Summit is an annual event hosted by Building Ourselves through Sisterhood and Service (B.O.S.S.), a student-run organization dedicated to aiding womxn and gender non-conforming students of color in their transition to college through peer mentorship and service. The two-day event kicks off with bonding activities in the evening featuring fun self-care activities like painting and meditation! The second day, a number of speakers will present workshops on different topics centering around mental health as it affects folx of color. This year's theme, "Decolonizing Mental Health," focuses on how we can seek healing through practices that acknowledge our identities and the realities that we are faced with as a result including the oppression that we as self-identifying womxn of color deal with and how it affects our mental health.

Partnered Organizations

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Besides providing physical care, Cornell Health also has a variety of programs to promote healthy levels of mental health and provides resources for those struggling. CAPS, individual and group counseling, workshops, and behavioral consultations are some of the awesome services available to members of the community. That combined with recent initiatives to expand access to mental health services and increase the diversity of services and professionals is a direct reaction to address mental health on campus.

Cornell Health 

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The Women of Color Coalition (WOCC) works to create unity across boundaries that have been both internally and externally constructed to oppress, but that have also empowered women of color to build pride. This Coalition gives voice and strength to experiences that are often marginalized. It will foster self-reflection and awareness of issues that affect women of color at Cornell and in the broader world.

Women of Color Coalition 

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Come in and ask anything! We help you settle in and learn about campus opportunities. Our friendly student staff represent over forty majors and minors and seventy student organizations. We offer diverse programming all year, including fun study breaks with dogs, meditation with live music, informal student panels, opportunities to meet faculty, and peer tutoring. Tatkon hosts programs focused on connecting students, academic and career exploration, health and wellness, and academic success. Watch for our weekly e-newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. All events and services are free.

Campus First Year Initiative - Tatkon Center

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Cornell Minds Matter promotes the overall mental and emotional health of all Cornell students, works to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and holds events open to the entire Cornell community that fosters a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether your interest stems from personal experience, academic interest, curiosity or desire for social action; we welcome you to join us in our quest. College is difficult enough as it is; silence leads to no positive outcome.

Cornell Minds Matter

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SAMP strives to cultivate leadership skills and racial consciousness to help those navigating their first year at Cornell. The first semester of SAMP primarily focuses on professional development, with resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn workshops. The second semester hones in on identity. For example, professors will be visiting SAMP to discuss their research and teaching interests and how their South Asian identity shapes such interests.

South Asian Mentorship Program

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The Black Women’s Support Network aims to build cohesive relationships among women on campus and open the lines of communication between itself and its community. Furthermore it, as an organization, aims to reach out to other Black women within the Greater Ithaca Community through community service initiatives and interactions with young at-risk females. Moreover, the Black Women’s Support Network aims to serve as a forum where women of color can share, reflect and gain knowledge from each other’s experiences.

Black Women's Support Network

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Our mission is to ensure that the widest range of life experience, knowledge, creative expression and original thinking is shared across the breadth of Cornell's students, faculty, staff, and disciplines, particularly by those with backgrounds historically less likely to have been represented on campus. Furthermore, we aim to support the increased presence, academic success, intellectual achievement, and inclusion across all fields of study of those from these under-represented backgrounds at Cornell.

Office of Academic and Diversity Iniatives 
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